DJ Hero 2 Mixes Beats And Races

By , October 23, 2010 2:08 am

I’m not a gamer and had no idea there was a video game for DJ-ing. But the DJ Hero 2 commercial got my attention. Not just because it’s a video game I might want to play (which is pretty rare), but because of it’s clear and overt use of race as something people could Mix 2Gether (their spelling).

The ad does two things. It puts race and the possibility of sex in the foreground. There’s the flirtatious steal of the hat and the kiss that gives the guy braces. The commercial also shows race as flexible when the two DJs partially switch skin colors.

It’s said Millenials aren’t as concerned about race as previous generations are. The folks at DJ Hero 2 are probably betting on this. I think they’re a little heavy-handed, though, in putting together the ideas of DJ-mixing and race-mixing. While that analogy might sound offensive, I don’t think the ad comes of that way. In the end, it’s a fun commercial that shows people of different races partying and having fun in ways not often seen in advertisements.

Check it out.

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